A Great Defense is Going on Offense to Bless Your Spouse

It’s football season as I’m writing this, and there’s an overused sports axiom that’s repeated by announcers and coaches every year. “The best defense is a great offense.” Meaning, if you go on the offensive – driving the ball down the field and scoring points – that’s even better then always play defense!

Which brings me to something huge you can do this football season – for your marriage. In fact, it’s crucial in each new season of your marriage. Go on offense by using your words to “add” high value to your spouse.

Like what kind of words? Try bouncing these words and phrases off the walls of your home when you’re talking to your spouse – and watch how spoken words can add life and light to your marriage.

I’m proud of you * Way to go * You nailed it! * Magnificent * I knew you could do it! * What a great help that was to me * I’d choose you all over again * Beautiful work on that * Well done * You make my day so many days * You remembered * I couldn’t be prouder of you * I’m praying for you * I’m behind you today and everyday * You stuck with it and figured it out! * I love you * I’ve got to hand it to you * Do you know I’m more in love with you today then ever? * Thanks for listening * So proud of you

Those are just a start. But a great way to keep carving out a special future for your marriage...

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