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Welcome to Dr. John Trent's Blog... and the main site for his role as the Gary Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family at Moody Theological Seminary! Plus, it's the home for his ministry surrounding The Blessing and his seminar ministry, StrongFamilies.com!

Without a doubt, I have the best job in the world.  I get to wake up in the morning and use my training as a counselor, educator, family pastor, husband, father and coach to help people like YOU build even stronger friendships, family relationships and faith! 

Here's how I get to do that... 

The Gary Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family 

I get the incredible honor of working full-time as the first endowed Chair in Moody Bible's 128 year history. That's over a century of training life-changing, God-honoring leaders! Dr. Gary Chapman and his wife, Karolyn, set up this Chair to provide a "voice" for marriage and family across the MANY platforms Moody uses to change lives. Here's a "map" of what I get to do at and through Moody - captured in the "M-Line!" (And if you've even been to Chicago, you'll get the picture...)

In short, it's an amazing privilege to get to work with many of Moody's outstanding faculty and staff. I get to hang out with the incredibly smart and "all in" students at their Chicago, Michigan, and Spokane campuses.  Not to mention students from across the country and world via Moody Distance Learning! You can learn more about these programs and ways to help build strong families - and your family- by visiting the Moody "M" Line part of this website...

You've also reached the home of The Blessing!

It began with an award winning book, called, The Blessing, co-authored with my good friend, Gary Smalley. Over the years, I've continued to write and speak and train men and women to create cultures of the Blessing in their homes, workplaces, ministries and world!

Learn more about what the Blessing is all about, and how YOU can become a person of Blessing in your own home, church, workplace and world by visiting this part of the website... (Hint: The Blessing is a life-changing gift found in God's word that is based on a "choice" to step towards others - not away. To add to their life - not subtract.)...  

And you've also reached StrongFamilies.com - Dr. Trent's Speaking ministry!

 I get the honor of doing marriage, family, and relationship events for churches and ministries all across our country and world. AACC World conferences to Young Life Banquets! 

That's not to mention speaking for businesses large and small on team-building and building stronger relationships. From huge companies like Chic-fil-a, Interstate Battery and YPO (Young President's Organization) to staff retreats for regional and local companies and non-profits.

And an incredible honor is the privilege I've had to go all over world to encourage the families of our men and women in uniform in all branches of the service. (Here's a picture of Thule Air Force base at dawn... When you land at Thule, Greenland, you're a 30 minute flight from the North Pole! And yes, that's ice you're landing on!). 

So if you're looking for a speaker for your event - then visit this part of the website, StrongFamilies.com seminars!...

Finally, I don't do this alone...

I get to work with many wonderful people and teams to help strengthen families!

That of course begins with Moody Theological Seminary and Moody Bible. And it includes working with Dr. Tony Wheeler who often joins me in teaching about the Blessing.  He has his own ministry at Barclay College called - The Institute for the Blessing! And he's a great speaker for retreats and events as well. 

Then there's Dewey and Lynne Wilson and the team at Strong Marriages in Dallas, Texas. Just visit their website and you'll resources for pre-engaged, engaged and married couples that is biblical, practical, and for many couple has been nothing short of life-changing. We're working on tools that involve the Lion, Otter, Retriever and Beaver personality test I created years go, to help couples discover AND value their spouses unique, God-given strengths.

And to help you stay inspired to build strong relationships with your loved ones and our Lord - I can't recommend highly enough the ministry we get to team with, called, Music that Blesses Others!

This is the ministry of my good friend, Shon Stewart. Shon is an outstanding young man who's a Christian singer - and an incredible example of God's love and light.  Shon, and his mom and dad (Tom and Jorja), are the definition of inspiration AND blessing! So stay inspired by visiting Music that Blesses Others!

That's the long version of what blog is all about!

It all comes down to help YOU create a culture of the Blessing in your home and most important relationships - beginning with your relationship with your Heavenly Father!

Look around and let us know if we can be of help!

John Trent, Ph.D.

Need even MORE details? Want to know our “participation” rules for the blog?

Many thanks to my friend, Michael Hyatt, for his outstanding book PLATFORM, which coaches people in building outstanding online platforms. I HIGHLY recommend his book, which I (with his permission in the book) have leaned on heavily for the "fine print" that follows. 

That's it for the "About" us page. If you’re looking for a more formal, detailed resume for me personally, you’ll find that on our Speaker page. 

What’s StrongFamilies.com, your speaking ministry?

This is the ministry that I lead for more then a decade, that sends out speakers like Dr. Wheeler across the country and world to do conferences and workshops on the Blessing and building God-honoring relationships. We’re a 501c3 ministry, so yes, we have a wonderful group of friends who support our ministry. It's their prayers and financial help that helps us help so many children, families, friendships, and students. 

My Contact Information 

You can contact us at info@strongfamilies.com. We’re a small ministry. Meaning, I read every email and answer as many as I can. Plus I join in many blog discussions – but I can’t and don’t post on every one.

Colophon – (Fancy word for what our awesome website builders do) 

It’s been a joy for me to work with the great team at Collision Media in building and launching this site. They build sites - like this - that are filled with all the social media tools you can dream about. But even more, it's a website that even a "Mac" user like me - who has no time to learn programming and html and rss feeds - can manage myself! AMAZING! Tommy and Emily Bailey who head Collision Media are incredibly gifted people when it comes to creativity, design, and building that amazing back end to a website and blog YOU can manage. They are also incredibly patient which has helped them in working with me! If you're in a ministry or a speaker or have a Christian company, I would highly encourage you to CONTACT THEM if you’re looking to build your own website or online platform!


This is my personal blog. The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of my employer, Encouraging Words (DBA, StrongFamilies.com), nor those of Grace Community, Scottsdale Bible Church, or any of the other ministries, colleges or universities I work with. The information I provide is on an as-is basis. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.

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