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  • Blessing Challenge Coins

Blessing Challenge Coins



If you have ever been in the military (or done something to serve the military) you're sometimes given a "coin" by the base commander or other senior officer that's unique to that unit and is considered a great honor to receive.

When Dr. Trent spoke at Thule AFB Greenland, he was given such a "coin" -- and that's where the idea for a "Blessing Coin" came from!  

For many people taking The Blessing Challenge, reading their child their Blessing and then handing them a "Blessing coin" is a great way to capture and commemorate that special time! It can be a small gift for a child to remember a very special day of Blessing. It's also a great reminder for a Dad or Mom, Grandmother or Grandfather to carry in their pocket (like Dr. Trent does), and be minded to make that CHOICE to Bless.

Special note to Pastors or those in ministry: Dr. Trent and Dr. Wheeler speak in churches all over the country. Many times, the host church will order coins to give to each person as they are challenged to take The Blessing Challenge! That coin then becomes something they use as a "next step" reminder in giving the Blessing to a child, spouse, or friend who needs their Blessing! If your church is taking The Blessing Challenge and you would like to order quantities of 500 coins or more, please contact Dr. Trent at for special discount pricing for large orders and applicable shipping costs.

Coin size: 1in x 1in

Coin Front Reads:
  • "I have set before you a choice" Deut 30:19
  • Image of a gift box with bow
  • Choosing to Live the Blessing
Coin Back Reads:
  • Meaningful Touch
  • Spoken Message
  • Attach High Value
  • Special Future
  • Genuine Commitment
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