How Commitment Blesses Marriage

One way you Bless your spouse is by laying down a foundation of commitment.

Note: Dewey and Lynne Wilson head up Strong Marriages in Dallas Texas. They are our "go to" experts on marriage for this Blog. Here's a story, excerpted with permission from Devoted: God's Design for Marriage. It's a workbook every couple going through mentoring with Marriage Mentors uses... and it's gives us a great picture of something that can help make the dream of a strong marriage into a rock solid reality...


Mark and Darlene had been married several years when they came to Marriage Mentors, the mentoring ministry of Strong Marriages. Mark freely admitted that he'd never een committed to anything in his entire life. He'd drifted from job to job and relationship to relationship. Mark wasn't sure how he could be fully committed to his wife and had been unfaithful to her. In sharp contrast, Darlene remained faithful to the marriage and to Mark. 

Mark and Darleen began to meet with mentors Harry and Shirley. The example of this couple's long-lasting marriage and the Biblical principles of marriage they taught helped Mark to understand his vow of faithfulness to Darlene mean more to GOD then to anyone else - even Darleen!

As the couples met for mentoring, Mark realized that because Darlene knew God in a way the he did not, she had remained faithful to their marriage vows. Because he had cheated on her, Mark knew that he'd certainly done nothing to deserve Darlene's commitment to him. In fact, he knew that if he got what he deserved, he'd lose his family! He had to come to grips with his sin of unfaithfulness to God - then deal with the consequences of his unfaithfulness to Darlene. 

Mark's realization that he had sinned against God caused a change of heart and mind. He repented, turned away from sin, and turned toward God. Mark experienced salvation by God's grace. He exercised faith in God and received knowledge that he could change. Mark's salvation was the critical turning point for this couple and their marriage. 

From, Devoted - FOUNDATIONS, God's Design for Marriage, Copyright 2006, 2009, 2012, Marriage Mentors, Dallas Texas, Used with permission. Request for permission to reprint should be directed to

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