More 2 Degree Ideas for a New Year

P.S. You can use the 2 Degree Difference to build a stronger faith and be healthier as well!

For example, so many people "start off" a New Year vowing to read God's word consistently. That's a great goal. But instead of setting your goal as, "I'm going to read 10 chapters a day, every day, until I get through the whole bible... How about choosing to actually read ONE Psalm a day. Or reading two or three Proverbs. Or one page in a modern translation, like the Message version of the bible, as you get into the great habit of reading God's word. For so many people, it's not the DESIRE of their heart that's wrong. It's thinking BIG things change everything! Just start with that one Psalm and watch how much stronger you grow in letting God's word invade your heart and life this New Year!

Or to strengthen both your marriage and your faith, here's a small 2 Degree idea. Just pray a one or few sentence prayer at night with your spouse, or with your kids at the dinner table or in putting them to bed (instead of looking for that perfect time when you can carve out a whole hour to pray for your family that almost never comes…). My wife, Cindy, and I decided that whoever went to bed first, we'd stop and pray, even just a sentence prayer together before that person hit the sack. It was and continues to be a tremendous gift to our marriage. Yes, there are times we pray longer. But we don't miss that "small" way to connect before we hit the sack. I even call in and we'll pray when I'm on the road. It's just a short way to thank the Lord for our spouse, our kids, our day, our challenges. And it started with a small decision we made to just pray a sentence prayer together. (Instead of waiting for that non-existent "perfect" and peaceful time to formally pray a long time together.). 

Finally, you can bless your family by living a more healthy life this 2014! Meaning, you can make big gains in your health by just staring with “small 2 degree things” instead of huge things. I teach about the 2 Degree Difference at all my seminars and I regularly get letters (actually mostly emails) that share how this concept make a change in their health! In fact, I often hear that it was a "small" goal they made in their health that started to changed everything - when everything else had failed to work!

For example, one 2 Degree change might be choosing to drink more water each day. 

Or choosing to go for a walk after dinner once a week (Instead of setting the goal of going to go to the gym every day and just driving by it and feeling guilty - until you change that route home!). 

I got a wonderful email from a man who'd been at a summer seminar I did at Pine Cove camp in Texas. He went home convicted to make small changes in his home, his heart for God and his health. But in regards to his health, it all started with his decision... to eat 1 desert a night instead of 2! That's a pretty small step. But that first step lead to his choosing to eat 1 desert every other day. Then 1 desert on the weekend (where he still is at today). He wrote that it was that success with that one small thing - going from 2 deserts to 1 - that got him started walking just once a week. Then he'd walk a little more often each week. Then he started walking and running. Then finally running. And to his amazement, it lead to his running the Marine Corp Marathon! All 26.2 miles - starting with that first, 2 Degree step of cutting desert in half! 

Bottom line is that BIBLICALLY, relationally, and practically, small things really can begin to change everything. In your heart for God, in your health, and in your home as you give and live the Blessing here in 2014. 

Need more insight on how small, 2 Degree changes can impact a real life story? Check out the book, The 2 Degree Difference in our bookstore.

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