Stay inspired with Music that Blesses Others

Music that Blesses Others... 

You'll notice a button on the home page, and you'll be seeing Blog posts like this one each month, that highlight a very special feature for you called, Music that Blesses Others. That's because music is a huge part of staying inspired to Bless God and others! 

If that sounds like a stretch then just think about the Psalms. Think too about how worship music can stur your heart. Can warm your heart. Which is why I encourage you to get "warmed up" each month as Shon Stewart picks (and sometimes performs himself) a key song that goes with our monthly Blessing Themes. 

What's a Blessing Theme? Each month, we highlight a specific way you can choose to give and live the Blessing. For example, even though we're already into March, the Blessing Theme for February was... understandably... Blessing your spouse! Of course, that's something that's great to do all year. February has lots of reminders to do so! 

If you go to right now, you'll find February's song. It's actually written by Shon's mother, Jorja, and sung by a true Blessing Champion - Shon Stewart. 

You'll love this song that encourages us to value and honor our spouses "differences." And if you'll spend some time on the site, and listen to some of the other songs he's done (as well as others), you'll fall in love with Shon's heart and love for Jesus, the Blessing, and picking great songs for you and I to use to stay inspired.

So plan on being reminded here in a blog regularly to take a look at Music that Blesses Others. For example, Shon just did an interview - and actually sang a song with Joni Erickson Tada! The radio interview airs in May - and you can bet that "duet" is going to be our May song to inspire and soften your heart to give and live the Blessing! 

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