Thanks for Listening to the Focus Broadcast!

A Picture of Your Unique God-Given Strengths

Starting on Monday, August 17th, you'll be able to listen to a broadcast I did on Focus on the Family. In fact they've built a whole webpage to highlight the program and some of the resources around understanding our unique, God-given strengths. 

At the end of this post, I'll share a link to that Broadcast (Again, you can listen in on or after Monday, August 17th!). Here's a bit of what you'll hear about! A great way to learn more about your loved ones - and yourself!

You'll hear a lot about "Lions, Otters, Retrievers and Beavers." 

  The "Lions" love challenges, don't like slowing down for things like details, and if you have a Lion child - they're the ones who are letting YOU live at home! You don't have to motivate Lions - just point them! They'll charge up the hill and are LOVE a good challenge! GREAT for jumping in and getting things done!

"Otters" are those people who LOVE to yak, yak yak! They love people and meeting new friends. Starting things. Not finishing boring things like balancing the checkbook! Otters just switch banks to get their balance! They're parties waiting to happen in your home, at school or in your workplace! 

"Golden Retrievers" are the sensitive, caring roommates, family members or workplace friends. These are the people who sent THEMSELVES to time out when they were young! They're great team members, faithful and loyal - and sometimes so they're so on people they can be WAY to soft on problems. "OK here's you're warning... OK here's ANOTHER warning!" 

Finally, if you're serious about having a great party, retirement plan, or well organized workplace or project - then LEAVE IT to the Beavers! Beavers love to do things RIGHT and by the book! They LOVE making lists - and especially checking things OFF their list! If you're an Otter and throw a part - invite lots of Beavers. They're the only ones who remembered to bring the food! (It was on their list!) BUT if you wait long enough - they'll start cleaning up! 

Take all four of these "animals" and what do you have? WILD KINGDOM! 

Want to find out more about your own strengths and how to blend differences in your home into a close-knit team? Then head to our webstore and look for THE TWO SIDES OF LOVE for a whole book full of ways to value, better love and appreciate those who are so different then us! And learn more about OUR OWN strengths as well! 

Here too is the link to the Focus on the Family Broadcast!

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