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  • The Two Sides of Love

The Two Sides of Love

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by John Trent, Ph.D. and Gary Smalley

The Two Sides of Love is a ECPA Gold Medallion winning classic that first taught the world about Lions, Otters, Golden Retrievers and Beavers!

It's the message of how creates each of us with unique, God-Given strengths! For some of us, we can (by those strengths) lean towards the "hard side of love" - while others lean towards the "soft side of love."

In short, it's in understanding how we are fearfully and wonderfully made that we can not only understanding our own strengths -- but we can learn to blend differences and come closer to those Almighty God has place in our life-story! (Someone like our spouse who may be very "different" in personality then us!)

This book includes a self-scored personality test to help you better understand your strengths. It's also the basis for The Leading From Your Strengths online assessment that an outstanding online strengths assessment -- that's uses LOGB!

If you've every heard someone say, "She's a Lion!" or "He's a Golden Retriever!" This is the book that started it all! A great book for dating, marriages, small groups and anyone serious about helping people understand and blend difference in their home!