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Discover Your Unique God Given Strengths

And the key to blending differences in your relationships with Lions, Otters, Golden Retrievers, and Beavers (LOGB)!


The Two Sides of Love

Lions, Otters, Golden Retrievers, and Beavers (LOGB) will help you learn about your unique strengths, and how to blend differences in your relationships.


The Connect Assessment

Get a FREE graph and identify your unique strengths by taking the our personality test through the Connect Assessment.


The Treasure Tree

Help your kids learn about their strengths, and how to blend differences too, in this best-selling, award winning children's book.


Are you reading The Two Sides of Love? Get your FREE Connect Assessment graph to learn more about your unique, God-given strengths.

The Two Sides of Love


It's so easy to drift away from "whole-hearted" love.
That can stop today!
Love has two sides. A strong side and a soft side.
And when we learn how to "bend" towards what our loved ones need most - it can be nothing short of life-changing!



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"We were so frustrated with each other. We started off seeing each other’s strengths, but our differences were just destroying us. The animals and really seeing our need to bend towards each other has been so helpful. With us. With our kids. Even with how we look at God’s love! "

Angel C.
at a StrongFamilies Conference on The Two Sides of Love

"This book is one that everyone should read. It will give you the information and tools to dramatically improve the communication and understanding between you and others, especially your spouse. This book is good for both personal and business applications."

Andy S.
Amazon Review

"Understanding your personality from a godly perspective makes for easier relationships and greater connection. Gary Smalley and John Trent do an excellent job of presenting the information in a usable manner for any situation, home, work, school, or church."

Amazon Review

In this revised edition of this award-winning, best-selling book by Dr. John Trent and Gary Smalley, you'll learn:

The Hard and Soft Sides of Love

We all have a natural “bent” towards giving strong or softside love we need to see and understand.

Lions, Otters, Golden Retrievers, and Beavers

People resist labels – but they come right up to the animals. A great way to see your unique, God-given strengths and your loved ones as well!

How to Blend and Bend Towards Whole-Hearted Love!

In counseling, we see countless couples stuck miles apart when it comes to relating with each other. Your differences don’t have to defeat you – if you choose to “bend” towards loves two sides!


The Treasure Tree


Every child, in every home deserves to know they have unique, God-given strengths – and how to value the strengths of others as well!
The Treasure Tree is a wonderful way to show them 4 very different “best friends” who need and value each other’s strengths!
Just like they can do with their siblings and others!



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"This has been my kids favorite book. We read it over and over again. Now we are purchasing it for the next generation. The book has a wonderful explanation of personality types and accepting and needing each-other. LOVE IT!!!"

Teri H.
Amazon Review

"The lessons are endless. God made each of us in a unique way & this illustrates the importance of being ourselves, learning to get along with others & just to have fun in the process. The writing & illustrations are amazing!! I highly recommend this book to all ages."

Sharon G.
Amazon Review

"We got this book at a conference at our church as John Trent was guest speaker at a marriage event. We had no idea how this book would change our lives! We are so grateful to John Trent for writing this book, and helping parent's to have a tool to read to their children, that all children are valued and each personality has it strength! The illustrations are beautiful and the size of the pages large enough to read at bedtime, as we show the pictures to our kids as they listen. Very humorous stories that keep their interest.This will be a classic to share for years to come!! If you have more than one child, or grandchildren this book is a must!!"

at a StrongFamilies Conference on the Two Sides of Love

In this award-winning, best-selling children's book you'll help your kids learn:

Their Unique Strengths

In a world full if cynics and “haters,”  don’t count on your children hearing about their strengths – unless YOU tell them. A great way to help them see they’re as determined as “Lance the Lion,” as creative as “Giggles the Otter,” as caring at “Honey the Golden Retriever” or persistent as “Chewy the Beaver.”

How to Value Differences

The Treasure Tree not only helps you point to your child’s strengths – but why they need others with different strengths! A great tool for helping your kids value differences and learn to get along!

And More!

Your kids will get to take their own personality test as well! This book is a great way for your entire family to learn about strengths, and the power of bending and blending differences together.


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