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It's quite a decision you're considering...

If you’re the one given the task of finding just the right speaker for your event, that’s a challenge. A big challenge. Pick the right speaker, he or she can be a huge help in making your meeting or ministry event a winner.  Maybe even life-changing for those who attend. Miss on a speaker and… all that time and effort and expectations just seem to collapse.

That’s why I’m honored you’ve taken time to look and see if I’d be a right fit for your group, meeting, keynote, conference, or retreat. I’ve tried to build out this page in a way that can help you get all the information you need in making your decision. 

"Dr. Trent was the speaker at our one day marriage event and did a tremendous job of relaying solid biblical truth in an applicable way. He was fun, engaging and challenging... Everyone walked away, not overwhelmed, but with concerete steps to build into their marriage." John Maves, Alliance Redwood Conference Grounds, April 2, 2013

If you can’t find what you need, or want to take a next step, there’s a button below. Just click it and you’ll hear back from me or from one of the outstanding staff people here at StrongFamilies.com and The Blessing Challenge. We promise to get back with you ASAP if you’ve got questions or want to talk further about an event, or just have more questions after reading below. (Filling in the form below is helpful, but if you're really pushed for time, just shoot us an email at info@strongfamilies.com

Again, I’m honored you stopped by and hope you find this information helpful!

John Trent

An Overview of this Page

This page is geared to give you the information you need to take to a committee or to decide yourself if you’d like to take a “next step” in booking a seminar or event. You can click on the links below and go right to the sections that are most relevant to you.

A Snapshot of Who I am

I started off as a marriage and family counselor by training. I’d meet with couples and singles. Help them push back trials and move towards strong families, strong relationships, and a stronger faith. Then I began being asked to share with small groups – then larger groups. At first it was churches and ministries. Then I'd have friends in the business world and even chaplains and leaders in various branches of our military calling. 

I began speaking at MOP’s meetings, and marriage retreats. I began speaking to a number of Pro athletes through PAO, an outstanding ministry to pros of all kinds. I started doing their chapels before a big game and even NASCAR races. Then a call would come from a huge company like Interstate Battery. Then from a small one, like a group of three dentists, seeking to build a stronger “team” practice. 

Over time, calls came in to teach classes at graduate schools and colleges. I'm now honored to be on the Adjunct Faculty of several of those schools. Some of the speaking I've been most honored to do is encouraging military families. Many of the people I speak to are either heading out, or have just gotten back from deployment. I've had the incredible honor of meeting heroes and their spouse/heroes at events for the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. It seems like yesterday, but for 30 years I’ve had the honor of crossing the country, equipping families, churches, companies, and even the military. What a shock we’d end up with the title like, StrongFamilies.com, for our ministry!

What kind of events to I speak at?

I love speaking at all kinds of events. I’ve been the keynote speaker at huge events. Like to 63,000 men at the sold out RCA Dome for Promise Keepers and to over 750,000 men at other Promise Keepers Conferences across the country. I’ve also had the honor to be chosen to speak at YPO (Young President's Organization) Chapter meetings, as well at several of their YPO Family Universities as well (In Brazil and Greece). I've spoken at leadership conferences for huge organizations (like the Restaurant Leaders Association), and at staff retreats for churches of all sizes. I’ve been honored to speak on Sunday mornings church services to well over 300 churches of all sizes and denominations over the years. And I’ve done keynote and fundraising events for ministries and non-profits banquets over a hundred times. In short, I usually speak on building strong families and strong teams, but I love speaking in all kinds and size settings. 

A Platform for Speaking is my writing

I should mention that I’m a writer as well. That came about because as I taught people in a conference or seminar, they would invariably come up and say, “Do have a book I can go deeper into what you’re spoken about?” Or even, "I wish you had a book I could use to teach my children that concept!"  

That launched my writing career which I’ve loved as well. I’ve been honored to win four ECPA Gold Medallion Awards and 13 Silver Medallion Awards for excellence in writing.  (Books like The Blessing and The Treasure Tree you can find in our webstore, and all my books you can find on Amazon.com). At this point, I’ve written 23 books for adults and 6 books for children. Each one an attempt to provide a tool or focused way to help men and women build strong families, strong teams, and strong relationships with others and the Lord. 


My greatest claim to fame and blessing is God giving me a tremendous wife, Cindy, these past thirty-four years. He's given us two awesome daughters as well. My wife and I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Someone has to live here during the winter!). That means I have a great hub in Sky Harbor Airport to fly anywhere. 

If you’ve got an event where you’re seeking to help build stronger relationships between your people or team or church family – I’d love to be considered. Just click the “Check My Availability” button below to start the process.

Who You’ll be Speaking with from our Team

If you're just looking for information or are ready to book an event, we'll help you all we can, and quickly. You'll hear from me personally, or from one of our seminar coordinators, in most cases on the same day or at least by the next day you fill out the form. 

  1. We will return your email or phone call in a timely way
  2. When your event is booked, we set up a personal phone consultation with me right away. That way I can better understand how I can best encourage and serve you and those at your event. (And help you with promotion of your event). 
  3. We work with you to either use our materials for visuals and handouts for your group, or to help you get what you need to build your own outstanding materials. This day and age, people expect excellence in handouts and power points. 
  4. We will work with you to book travel and hotels in advance to help bring down costs to and from the event for Dr. Trent. (No limos or first class travel demands.). 
  5. We follow up with you after your event to make sure we’ve met your expectations, and to find out how we can make future events even better for others.

My Most Requested Topics

Speaking at Your Keynote Event:

John has given keynote addresses at major conferences like the AACC and D6 Conference. He's spoken at numerous State Denominational Conventions and at business conferences of all sorts, fundraising events and ministry gatherings.  Dr. Trent been a keynote speaker for Interstate Battery, Chic-fil-a, YPO’s National conferences, Christian Medical and Dental Conventions, to name just a few. A great way to build your event for next year is to have one of the top counselors, family coaches and team-builders in the country keynote your event this year! 

NEW! The Blessing Experience for Parents and Children:

Picture an evening where parents not only learn why and how to “bless” their child – but actually take part in an experience that can be life-changing for them and their child! As part of the Blessing Challenge (a seven year initiative with groups like Focus on the Family and Strong Marriages), we actually have parents write out a Blessing for their children. At the same time the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are learning about and writing out a blessing for their child,  that child is in an age graded program, learning why and how to “honor” their mother and father! Then we bring the children back into the room where they parents are – and watch an incredible sight. All over the room or sanctuary, parents and kids are huddled up, taking a first step in giving living the Blessing!

Speaking at Your Marriage Conference or our Blessing Your Marriage Event

As the speaker for your conference, or brining our marriage conference to you - Dr. Trent brings a unique blend of humor, biblical insights, "take home" tools and “2 Degree Change” ideas that can help couples now and for years to come. Dr. Trent has spoken to hundreds of marriage groups. From weekends to weeknight "mini-seminars. From Sunday afternoon training times to week long camps – bring one of America’s most requested speakers on marriage to your community, church or event!

Your Parenting Conference or our Blessing for Parents Event

Dr. Trent is asked to speak at parenting conferences across the country. As part of your conference, or by bringing his Blessing Challenge for Parents event, he equips parents, single-parents and grandparents to learn and use biblically based take-home tools, encouragement, direction, and hope! Bring this million-selling parenting book author to your conference to help build strongfamilies in these stressful times!

Your Team-Building Event or our Leading From Your Strengths Events

Almost a decade ago, Dr. Trent teamed up with Rodney Cox and at Ministry Insights to help create an incredible online assessment tool called, The Ministry Insights Assessment. Using this tool, Dr. Trent helps teams of all sorts and sizes not only understand each person’s unique strengths, but become more unified in their differences and more effective in their working together. Dr. Trent speaks to ministry teams and conferences, and business and military teams as well on blending differences in the workplace. Your team can be even more effective as they learn how to lead from their strengths and value the strengths of others!

Bring a LifeMapping® Conference to your Team, Ministry, or Counseling Practice!

Based on his award winning book, LifeMapping, Dr. Trent unpacks a powerful tool for individuals, families, counselors and leaders. This workshop is particularly for those wanting to gain clear plan for their future or need help and hope in working through an important or challenging transition. Called, LifeMapping®, it can help people gain insight and move past hurts in their past, make a positive choice for authenticity and “life” in the present, and move towards God’s best in the future. Great seminar or workshop for training couples, singles, even business and ministry teams to get moving in a great new direction!

Sunday Morning Services and Evening Fundraising Event Keynotes

Dr. Trent has spoken as numerous banquets for groups and ministries of all kinds. From fund-raising banquets, to special celebrations, to kicking off or headlining denominational conferences. He has also spoken at church services of all kinds. Sometimes "subbing" for a senior pastor on vacation. Most often coming in to launch a Sunday morning series a pastor is doing on the family or on building unity in the body.  Often, Dr. Trent will speak at a church service(s) on Sunday morning - and then do an early evening "mini-seminar" or Blessing Experience experience! A great "one-two" punch for parents, couples and singles to hear about the Blessing or building strong relationships in the morning - and then come back for a "Take a first step!" EXPERIENCE that evening! 

What Others are Saying

"Dr. Trent was the speaker at our one day marriage event and did a tremendous job relaying solid biblical truth in an applicable way. He was fun, engaging and challenging as he gave couples insight and direction for a healthy marriage. Everyone walked away, not overwhelmed, but with concrete steps to build into their marriage." Jon Maves, Alliance Redwood Conference Grounds

“John Trent’s writing, speaking and counseling skills make him one of the most talented men I know. Everyone who hears John will come away with a deeper understanding of how they can make their relationships stronger and more loving.” Gary Smalley, Best-Selling author, speaker, President of The Smalley Relationship Center

“In an intense world full of long faces and little laughter, John Trent is a man whose time has come. Gifted with the ability to bring to joy to your heart and a smile to your face, drop what you’re doing and get to his conference. With an insightful blend of biblical truth and workable wisdom, you’ll walk closer to the Savior and to your family when you do! Dr. Charles Swindoll, Best-selling author, speaker, Pastor Stone Brier Community Church

Some of the places I’ve Spoken in the Past

I’ve been honored to have been asked to speak at hundreds of events over the past 30 years. Here’s just some of the places and groups listed I've been to …

  • Christ Chapel, Ft. Worth, Texas
  • The National Restaurant Leadership Conference
  • Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church
  • Faculty Retreat, United States Military Academy at West Point
  • Granger Community Church, Indiana
  • Bannockburn Baptist Church, Austin, Texas
  • Interstate Battery Company National Conference
  • Second Baptist, Atlanta
  • YPO Family Universities – Brazil and Greece
  • D6 Conference, Frisco, Texas
  • Christian Medical and Dental Convention
  • LakePointe Church, Rockwall, Texas
  • Leadership and Family Training, Thule Air Force Base, Thule, Greenland
  • Children’s Pastor’s Conference, Denver, Colorado
  • Scottsdale Bible Church, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • United States Coast Guard Academy
  • Chic-fil-A – National Conference
  • Pine Cove Conference Center, Tyler, Texas
  • Word of Life Bible Conference Center, Schroon Lake, NY
  • First Baptist, Conyers, Georgia
  • Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas
  • And many, many more…

The Next Step

If you’ve read this far – you’ve seen some of the topics, places and heard from some of the people who have booked me for an event. I’d be honored to have you talk further with our Booking Staff, and look forward to speaking with you as well. All it takes to get the ball rolling, just to get more information or to see if I’m available on the date you have in mind, is to click on the button below! Thanks again for considering if I’d be a “fit” for your special event!

Fill out the form below to check for availability: