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Dr. John Trent
Founder + President

Without a doubt, I have the BEST job in the world.

I get to wake up in the morning and use my training as a counselor, educator, family pastor, husband, father, and coach to help people build even stronger friendships, family relationships, and faith!

It all began with an award-winning book, called, The Blessing, co-authored with my good friend, Gary Smalley.

Over the years I’ve continued to write (with over 30 books now in print)speak, and train others to create cultures of blessing in their homes, workplaces, ministries, and the world.

Helping Others:

I also get the honor of doing marriage, family, and relationship events all over the world.  These events have literally helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their relationships. 

I’ve had the honor of speaking at:

  • Staff retreats for business like Chic-fil-A, Interstate Battery, and YPO (Young Presidents Organization)
  • PAO Pro-athlete events
  • Military bases all over the world – to help encourage our incredible service members and their families
  • AACC World Conferences
  • Promise Keeps to over 750,000 men
  • I even got to make a guest appearance on Oprah

Meet My Family

My biggest accomplishment is being married to my incredible wife of more than 40 years, Cindy. And being a father to our amazing two daughters. Kari, helps share the blessing by working with us at StrongFamilies. While our youngest daughter Laura is physically saving lives every day as a nurse practitioner.

Cindy and I live in Arizona with Maximus the world’s greatest American Eskimo dog, and Buddie the wonder-dog/rescue terrier. We also have an amazing granddaughter, Zoa, and a grandson on the way.

What does that Mean for You?

We all want and crave love and loving relationships. It's who we are. And we want that for you and we will do whatever we can to help you achieve this. 

Using model biblical, relational tools can help you build strong, caring, committed relationships. 

You can learn how to choose to “get moving” away from past hurts and towards freedom and better communication with loved ones.

You will see that you have a “choice” and can change – that you really ARE loved by Jesus – and really CAN love others like Him, changing your own and other’s lives in the process.

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My Education

  • Th.M New Testament Greek – Dallas Theological Seminary
  • PhD in Marriage and Family Counseling – North Central Texas Federation of Colleges and Universities
  • B.A. Psychology, Religion – Texas Christian University – (GO FROGS!)

Best Selling Books

Contact Me

I can't wait to hear from you. Just fill out the form below, and let me know how I can help. 

You can also connect with me at:

IG: @strong.families
FB: @drjohntrent